BYUradio informs listeners about National Health Insurance

By July 28, 2020 No Comments

BYUradio describes its programming as family friendly and innovative, bringing the best and brightest of the world together. We were thrilled when they invited Rainbow Movement Founder Bill Ulrich to tell listeners about the Rainbow Movement, Paul “Bear” Vasquez, the 1% Solution making home ownership available to more Americans, and the National Health Insurance initiative to improve our healthcare system. 


The Rainbow Movement is a foundation devoted to making the world a better place. Bill described an 11-minute miraculous experience as he witnessed a rainbow moving from miles across the river near his home to within 200 feet of him. Researching the possible meaning of this rainbow experience led to Bill getting in touch with Paul “Bear” Vasquez, also known as the “Double Rainbow Guy.” This transformative friendship that led to the creation of the Rainbow Movement. 


Among the Rainbow Movement’s initiatives to make the world better is the 1% Solution, which would enable homeowners to refinance their home mortgages at a 1% interest rate. The National Health Insurance initiative is a more efficient way to finance healthcare costs. Both are examples of the good that Bill wants to do with his life, moving forward. 


“When you have a miracle experience, something that changes your life, you might have something extra that you can do with that experience. With my rainbow experience, I want to push hard to do good for everybody in the world,” said Bill.