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Joy Performs Amazing Grace in American Sign Language

Joy Performs Amazing Grace in American Sign Language

Joy Baker, member of the Cape Coral Calendar Girls, recently completed a special presentation video of Amazing Grace using American Sign Language in honor of Oprah Winfrey.  Since releasing on social media a few days ago, the video has attracted over 11,000 views with very positive comments.  To view Joy’s performance, please visit OprahAmazingGrace.com.

The Calendar Girls are reaching out to famous talk show host, media executive, actress and philanthropist Oprah Winfrey to introduce her to their amazing group of senior ladies from Southwest Florida.  The group dances to support Southeastern Guide Dogs, an organization that trains and connects service dogs to veterans.  Since 2006, The Calendar Girls have sponsored 24 guide dogs to US Veterans in need by dancing for donations at local venues.  Ranging in age from 50 to 80, they make fitness fun while making a difference in the lives of Veterans and bringing smiles to their audiences.  “There’s so much life in life” is their motto, and it shines through in every performance.

It has been Joy’s dream for many years to perform for Oprah, who she has been trying to reach since 2005. “I chose this song for Oprah because she says the hymn is her life’s theme song,” says Joy.  “The song means a lot to me, and many others as well, and I wanted to perform it in Sign Language so all can receive its beautiful message.”

Joy spent a lot of time and effort on this video, shot by The Rainbow Movement Foundation, a longtime supporter that stands with those who need a voice and supports projects that provide a better quality of life for those in need.

To view Joy’s rendition of Amazing Grace, please visit OprahAmazingGrace.com. For more information on The Rainbow Movement, please visit https://rainbowmovement.world/.  For more information on the Calendar Girls, please visit https://calendargirlsflorida.com/