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The Rainbow Movement Foundation

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The Rainbow Movement Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit located in Cape Coral FL, with a mission to promote charity organizations, positive causes and educational initiatives
that help people live their best life in a better world, was founded by William Ulrich. Bill’s original team, before establishing Rainbow Movement Cape Coral, was called Rainbow
Warriors Charity Group. His vision began after witnessing a beautiful rainbow near his house over the Caloosahatchee River that leads to the Gulf of Mexico.  As it began to
move toward him, Bill took the rainbow symbolism as a definition of his purpose in life.  It was then, on the afternoon of July 3, 2017, while he was sitting on his balcony looking
out over the river, thinking about all I had missed, all I had lost, all the mistakes I had made, where my life had gone, and what I should do next, I experienced my own
personal miracle, the rainbow miracle. This finally changed my life. I was then 69 years old, and across the river, miles away, was a huge, complete rainbow. It was
unbelievable, and as I watched, it moved towards me, finally stopping less than one hundred and fifty feet away.

Bill researched terms like rainbow prophecy and rainbow warrior after his experience to try to find meaning in the rainbow symbolism. Learning about the Rainbow Warriors Prophecy was one of the things that inspired him on his journey.  What is the legend of the rainbow warriors that called to me?  Have I been struck by the power of the rainbow, or is this just a rainbow myth?  Is there a double rainbow science? These are questions William Ulrich asked himself after he began The Rainbow Movement.  Using the power of the rainbow, Bill began working with charities such as The Calendar Girls, also known as the Senior Calendar Girls or Calendar Girls Florida, by promoting their good doings.

Bill researched rainbow quotes, rainbow symbolism and even rainbow warriors to try to find answers after his rainbow experiences. He searched terms like “cute rainbow quotes”, and he found beautiful rainbow quotes. While looking for the “if you want the rainbow quote”, Bill discovered the Maya Angelou storm quote, ‘every storm runs out of rain’, which gave him hope.

Bill is consumed with the world of rainbows and channels that energy toward doing good in the world.  Love is like a rainbow, and I want to share that love with everyone, notes Bill.  Bill started writing the rainbow book, which includes rainbow and pot of gold quotes, different color quotes, the story of the rainbow prophecy, rainbow myths and how to harness the power of the rainbow. Bill saw a picture of the John Lennon license plate and went to the DMV to get his own rainbow license plate. After being denied 3 times, it turns out the licence plate “Rainbow” had been lost in the system and was actually available. His car now has a “Rainbow” license plate.

Thinking others had experienced rainbow symbolism, Bill thought of other ways to share his spiritual experience. Could Daniel Wozniczka, MD use some of Bill’s knowledge about rainbows? Bill could imagine rainbows everywhere, creating a world of rainbows in his mind to include rainbow legends & rainbow prophecy and rainbow warriors.The rainbow delegation became interested in Bill’s experience, as did believers in the rainbow bridge. They all wanted to become warriors of the rainbow.

While it hasn’t been easy, Bill has persevered by offering many initiatives that could make the world a better place.  “After rainbows come calmness, a sense of peace and renewal,” says Bill. “The way I see it,” says Bill, “is if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain,” – one of Bill’s favorite rainbow quotes. Bill knows he cannot change the past or get back what he feels he lost. But, if he can do anything for the rest of his life, he chooses to try to make a better future; a future where the true purpose of him life is simply to do good in the world. This is a new journey for Bill. But the true journey is not about Bill; it is about what we can all do to make the world better and to help others.

Visit the website Rainbowmovement.world to learn more about the Rainbow Movement Foundation.