The Rainbow Movement Foundation

Our mission at Rainbow Movement Foundation is to promote charity organizations, positive causes, and educational initiatives that help people.

– William Ulrich, Rainbow Movement Foundation Founder

Rainbow Movement Initiatives

The Global Conscience World mission is to inspire people from across the globe to take action on climate change by giving the power of change back to the people, along with providing information, resources, and global connection.  GCW seeks to empower humanity to make a difference from their homes and communities.

Rainbow Movement Foundation founders William Ulrich and Dennis Paulaha developed an illustrated children’s book about the true story of a mirecle in Cape Coral, FL. Read the story for free in five languajes visiting

The grandfather Diaries are running record of Bill’s conversations with his granddaughter.  Circumstances have kept them apart, but that doesn’t diminish the love he has for her or the wisdom he wants to impart. A lifetime of choices – both right and wrong – have formed a person with both sense of humor and contrite heart.
A health care plan that lower business cost, increases profits, and lets american business be more competitive in the global economy, all without increasing taxes.

The solution to America’s current long-term economic problems is to give millions of American citizens hundreds of dollars a month to spend or save, year after year.  That is the argument businessman William Ulrich and PhD economist Dennis Paulaha are bringing tothe table.

For what cannot be quantified, we have stories to make meaning of our journey.

Bullies in this world comes in all forms. We are fighting to bring dignity and justice to those preyed upon by them

William Ulrich, The Rainbow Movement Foundation Founder

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