National Health Insurance

The solution to America’s healthcare crisis.

How can America afford to have the best healthcare system in the world? By finding a better, more efficient way to spend the money we are already spending.

– William Ulrich and Dennis Paulaha, PhD Founders of NHI

Healthcare is a Matter of Human Dignity

We’re not claiming healthcare is a “right”, but in the wealthiest country on the planet, we – at the Rainbow Movement – believe that healthcare is a responsibility. We have a plan to introduce a competitor that will provide dignified coverage to every man, woman and child in this country.

We know the solution is not to leave the people’s health and lives, and the health of American businesses and the American economy in the hands of corporate health insurance companies.

Americans deserve the best health care in the world With National Health Insurance, we can have it without increasing government spending or taxes.

Healthcare based on economics how National Health Insurance offers better coverage, lower premiums, includes everyone, increases economic growth, and does not raise taxes.

National Health Insurance breast cancer survivor Patty Roberts tells her story about a struggle to keep health insurance during a crisis. It’s time for a change.

Many people look for information about National Health Insurance, are you sufficiently informed?

We are not the first people to see the cracks in the foundation of our healthcare system in the U.S.


So we want to show you some of the people articulating the problem so we can all collectively wrap our heads around the issue.

Last year, 45,000 people died from preventable causes due to lack of affordable care.

Who wants to live longer, be healthier, and have more money to spend? Everyone. Is that an impossible wish? The answer is, no. In fact, it is already happening in all other industrialized countries. They are spending less than the United States on healthcare, and people are living longer and healthier lives. It’s like Americans are driving rusty old cars and spending more on repairs than it would cost to pay for a brand new Mercedes.

And because our wasteful spending affects business costs, our healthcare system is hurting exports, increasing imports, and reducing economic growth. Of course, most Americans know all that. Which is why a large majority of Americans want to switch to something better. So why hasn’t it already happened? Because no one has come up with a simple, non-disruptive transition plan.

Until now.

“Bullies in this world come in all forms. We are fighting to bring dignity and justice to those preyed upon by them”.

William Ulrich , Founder of the Rainbow Movement

“Instead of looking for costly solution to problems that don’t exist, National Health Insurance focuses on eliminating waste, inefficiency, and fraud to reduce business costs, which Will increase incomes, profits, economic growth, and the health, wealth, and happiness of Americans”.

Dennis Paulaha, Economist

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