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Rainbow Laws

It’s been said all politics is local. I think, in many cases, it’s personal. In my case, it’s personal experience that led me to work for new laws to protect condo residents, especially seniors and those with disabilities, from discrimination and bullying by condo boards that have, in many cases, too much power over unit owners and their guests. I call them Rainbow Laws, and because it’s personal, it is one of my most important Rainbow Projects.

Dedicated to protecting elderly and/or handicapped individuals from discrimination and bullying.

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Bill is working on documenting the challenges he is experiencing with the condo association. He hopes to use his story to promote the passing of legislation that protects elderly and/or handicapped individuals from discrimination and bullying. Additionally, Bill wants to educate lawmakers about the questionable precedents currently set by condo association law and encourage them to limit the power of condo association boards. While no materials have been released as of yet, Bill feels this will be an integral part of his upcoming work.

Projects made about troubles with Bill’s neighbors or the condo association will now be categorized under the “Rainbow Laws” series. An introduction and promotional graphics for this series are being put together. The target for this series of videos would either be Bill’s neighbors themselves, state or federal condo regulatory agencies, legislators, and lawmakers who have the influence to make an impact toward Bill’s goals. It would also target condo residents and citizen groups with an interest in seniors, people with disabilities and the general population.